Sunday, March 01, 2009

Fun on the River

I shouldn't have said a few days ago that winter is still a fair way off here, because yesterday cold winds and rain arrived from the south (i.e., the direction of the Antarctic).

Not before I strolled down to the river though, to check out the fun at the annual Heathcote River Day. There is a raft race that has been running for quite a few years now, sadly, not while our children were young enough to enjoy that sort of thing.

The competitors lined up just upstream of the bridge

and emerged on the other side

Some decided to hitch a free ride instead of paddling

Some were more buoyant than others

I gather the prizes included one for best decorated. I think the Tardis would have been a strong contender.

This kayak must have been a bit overloaded, but water from the bailing bucket is always good for throwing over the competition - and a few water bombs prepared beforehand come in handy.

Going around in circles...

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Kay said...

... and a lot of fun was had by all! A great capture of the mood Catherine.