Saturday, January 17, 2009

Caution and Procrastination

No, it doesn't quite have the ring of, say "Pride and Prejudice". But I have been pondering the connection between the two...

A few days ago I received my regular e-mail newsletter from Borders advertising, among other things, the "Essential Leonard Cohen" at a very reasonable price. So I thought about it, and decided that yes I wanted it, and yes I could afford it, and that if I went on the way home from work I could fit it in without making a special trip (since Borders stays open till some ridiculous time at night instead of shutting at 5.30 like most shops around here) but it had to be Friday because on Thursday I work closer to home and I walk...

And of course when I got there it was sold out.

The day didn't completely suck though, because at work my computer monitor died. Which doesn't sound like a good thing - but when I plugged in the new one I had to change the settings for screen size, and then I started poking around finding out how to change the desktop and screensaver. So, when I got home I decided to check out my home computer as well (which is a Mac, and therefore different from the work PC).

So, now I have Stonehenge on my desktop at work, and at home I have a whole folder of images from our trip to the UK (I was going to write last year, but it isn't last year any more, it was 2007) - anyway, I have a whole folder of images, and the desktop rotates among them every time the monitor "wakes up".

If you want to see some of what I see on my desktop, check out my archives for October and November 2007 where I wrote lots of posts, with images, about our trip.

This is probably all very basic, but it is making me smile right now.

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Kay said...

I'm glad your frustration turned to smiles!