Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thematic Photographic - Kids

Carmi has invited us to post photos of kids this week.
My own children are all well grown up and show no signs of producing the next generation. While we do have lots of photos of them when they were younger, they were mostly taken by my husband, and it feels a bit odd to post someone else's photos on my blog.

So, I hunted to see what else I had. Mostly, my shots of children aren't particularly great as photos, but since most children are adorable anyway, whether the photographer is skilled or not, I decided to share a few.

This is a wee girl I spotted in the street one day. Since I have a daughter who loves zebras, I asked her mother very nicely if she would mind my taking a photo, and the girl posed very nicely for me.

More "kid" photos here


Malinda777 said...

She's a precious little zebra :) I always loved Halloween when my kids were small :)

smarmoofus said...

How cute! And with Halloween coming up in just a few weeks, so timely. I'm excited about the holiday this year. I know my nieces are going to be dressed in princess gowns, my cousin's kids are all going to be adorable... and my sister has coerced me into dressing up as a pirate! So exciting!

(I am loving those black-and-white checked shoes on the little girl's feet in that photo!)